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Center for Higher Education

Final theses at the chair of Prof. Dr. Uwe Wilkesmann

Guidelines for Master and Bachelor theses

If you are interested in writing a Master or Bachelor thesis at the chair of Prof. Dr. Uwe Wilkesmann, a short exposé (1–2 pages) is required.  Especially for a Master thesis, the exposé should already clearly indicate how you envision the connection of your research question with the chosen theoretical framework and research method. The exposé should include the following aspects:

Structure of the exposé for the Master and Bachelor thesis

  1. Research question: What is the problem you want to investigate? Please formulate this in a research question. (An evaluation criterion of the thesis is whether you have chosen a good research question that has been answered both theoretically and empirically in the course of the thesis. The argumentation in the thesis must be characterized by a comprehensible common thread).
  2. Theoretical foundations: Which theoretical assumptions are used as a basis? Which important research approaches and results already exist in the narrower context of your research question? Justify these choices with reference to your research question. (An evaluation criterion of the later work is whether you can adequately relate a theory to your research question and whether you know the current state of research and can present it argumentatively).
  3. Hypotheses and research guiding assumptions: Concretization of the research question using theory (exemplary and without claim to completeness).
    For quantitative research design (preferred): Which hypotheses do you want to test?
    For qualitative research design: With which research guiding assumptions (about expected results) do you enter the investigation?
    (For both research designs one important criterion for evaluation is whether the work was conducted in a methodologically correct manner).
  4. Methodological procedure: What data collection and analysis procedures will you use? What is your approach to the research field? Which sample will be used? Why is this method particularly suitable to answer your research question?

Please outline all of the listed points in a short exposé (1-2 pages).