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ELLpH - Influencing factors on new teaching and learning concepts at private universities

The overall research question of this joint project is: What are the factors influencing the implementation of new teaching-learning approaches at private higher education institutions (HEIs) in Germany?

Two subprojects are located at the TU Dortmund University. Subproject 3 focuses on the expectations of teachers and students regarding teaching-learning approaches at private HEIs. Subproject 1 analyzes the governance of private HEIs.

In private HEIs, non-governmental steering and supervisory bodies, such as boards of trustees, can be found and actors from society and business are increasingly involved in decision-making structures - also based on their financial commitment. For these reasons, in addition to creating a mapping of formal governance structure, SP 1 will also look at the connection between the governance structure and the teaching-learning approaches, and identify forms of governance that support the introduction of new teaching-learning approaches.

Management Subproject 1: Liudvika Leišytė
Project Staff: Anna-Lena Rose

In literature, the special expectations of students are not only justified by the selection process of private universities, but also by the customer relationship established by payment in a service relationship. SP 3 investigates whether this leads to a certain expectation with regard to the teaching-learning approach offered. The aim is to clarify which exact expectations students bring with them and whether these are fulfilled. It will also be asked whether there are special expectations on the part of the professors with regard to the teaching-learning approach.

Management Project Group and Management Subproject 3: Prof. Dr. Uwe Wilkesmann

Project Staff: Olga Wagner

Project period: 01.09.2023 to 31.08.2026