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Center for Higher Education

CHER Concerence in Vienna

Uwe Wilkesmann and Sabine Lauer next to the Cher Conference poster. © Uwe Wilkesmann​/​TU Dortmund

CHER 35th Annual Conference.

Higher Education Institutions as Change Agents in Society: Perspectives on Adaption and Impact.

Uwe Wilkesmann and Sabine Lauer give a talk at the CHER 35th Annual Conference on the following topics:

Uwe Wilkesmann & Maximiliane Wilkesmann: The production of competition: What pushes high performer to top achievements? A comparison between chefs in fine dining restaurants and professors at universities of excellence.

Sabine Lauer & Uwe Wilkesmann: Factors affecting the number of accepted peer reviews of journal articles by professors. Empiricial evidence from a nationwide survey in Germany.